Malik Yusef

the wordsmyth

MYJ is an award-winning spoken word poet, DJ, community activist, master songwriter, musician, artist, producer, director and educator. MYJ comes from humble beginnings riddled with some troubled personal experiences., having been born and raised on the infamous south side of Chicago, IL


MYJ incorporated these same experiences into his writing which, became the catalyst for his spoken word.


Employing multiple poetic forms and delivery styles—including storytelling, hip-hop-influenced rhyme, battle rap and soul singing—


MYJ’s poetry challenged mainstream misconceptions of the black experience and explored the intersections of race, culture, gender, community, and self, 

which in turn changed the entire trajectory of his life…..


MYJ infuses the raw and intimate power of spoken word poetry in his film, Tv and music performances, taking audiences on an unforgettable journey that educates, challenges, and inspires


MYJ spoken word, music and performance work has been featured on numerous media outlets – Radio, TV, Film, college campuses, HBCU, as well as many distinguished venues around the world.

Therefore rendering MYJ some of the most coveted awards

Tony Award

Peabody Award

7 Emmy Awards

7 ASCAP Awards

6 Grammy Awards

40 Platinum Records

24 Grammy nominations